Seminar Internasional & Call of Paper: Empowering Local Leaders for Social Action


Call of Paper

We invite submission of scientific papers either the results of research or reviews related the field of leadership and social actions. The paper should be written in English and will be selected to be published in our forthcoming book (only for 20 selected papers) and the rest will be published in the seminar proceeding. Prospective authors are required to submit abstract for preliminary selection.

The abstract consisting of no more than 250 words in single line spacing, font type Times New Roman 12 pt with margins 3 cm on all sides of A4 paper size. Title of the paper, name of the authors and institusional affiliations should be written in boldface and centred. At the end of the abstract, list 3-5 key words that best describe the nature of the research. Only those whose abstracts are accepted are required to submit full papers.

The full paper should be written with the structure as follows: ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, METHODOLOGY, RESULTS AND DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION and REFERENCES (APA Style). The full paper should be no more than 8 pages of A4 paper size with margins of 3 cm on all sides, 1,5 lines spacing (except Abstract), with font type Times New Roman 12 pt.

Contact Person :

Shofia Amalia (+6281328318459)

Demi (+6281804377252)

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